Monday, December 31, 2012

Hundred Day Hustle Wrap Up and Year-End Review

Like many of you, I found Kelsey's Hundred Day Hustle a great inspiration. I had pretty low expectations about my ability to finish things, but in the end, I think I did reasonably well! Here's a look back at my list:
  1. Red and white quilt for Grandma-- Finished and given to my mom! She loved it.
  2. Gray and yellow wedding quilt-- Finished and set to be delivered today!
  3. Charming Stars wedding quilt-- No progress. Will be a January/February project!
  4. Nebraska wall hangings-- No progress. But after tomorrow, football season will be over until next fall, so I've got plenty of time. ;)
  5. Coasters for L-- No progress.
  6. Placemats for other Grandma-- Well... in progress. There was a setback. :)
  7. Table runner for Mom-- Finished!
  8. Christmas pillow for my SIL-- I changed this to a holiday quilt, because I am crazy. The top is almost done, and I'm going to try to finish it before I go visit them next week.
  9. Purse for my BFF-- No progress.
  10. My hourglass quilt-- Yeah, this will be a 2013 project. :)
  11. A Christmas quilt-- The squares are cut, because I split the layer cake with my SIL's quilt mentioned above. But like the football wall hangings, now I've got a lot of time on this one. :)
Ok, so not that many finishes. But the world is an imperfect place. :)

Since this is my first year of quilting, all of my projects are in this collage! I'm very happy with what I managed to learn and accomplish this year, and am very excited for the quilts I will make this year!

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Wonderful finishes! All are beautiful.

  2. Wow, you've done so well for your first year. Pressies amde and given as well. Congratulations and keep sewing.

  3. Lovely look back! And oh the fun you'll have next year! :)

  4. That's an awesome first year. :)

  5. Great finishes! I am quite interested in your Nebraska wall hangings and wish you a Happy New Year.