Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hustling Like a Slug

To be honest, this is about how I thought Kelsey's 100 Day Hustle would go for me. I have completed nothing on my list. :) In October, I had guests for 10 days total out of the first 14 days of the month, then I went back to Nebraska for five days, madly tried to get a bunch of paperwork in order for the graduate school (ever tried tracking down three profs in two days? It's really, really hard.), and drove to Michigan and back over a weekend. I got back from Michigan on Sunday night and was looking forward to settling in for awhile (as much as I can settle in at the end of a semester with a move halfway across the country looming), but my mom called me this morning and told me that my grandma passed away this morning. It was expected and I am glad she's not in pain anymore (eff you, bone cancer) but it looks like I am off on another (emotional) journey to Nebraska this week.

So yeah, not a lot of (quilty) hustling happening. But that's life. :)

Gray and yellow wedding quilt being quilted.
  1. Red and white quilt for Grandma-- Didn't get this done in time. :( I think I'm still going to try to finish it and give it to my mom for Christmas. Is that tacky? She didn't know I was working on it for someone else, and I think she'd really like it.
  2. Gray and yellow wedding quilt-- Basted, quilting in progress! This is really the only thing I've worked on in any measurable amount.
  3. Charming Stars wedding quilt-- No progress.
  4. Nebraska wall hangings-- No progress.
  5. Coasters for L-- No progress.
  6. Placemats for other Grandma-- No progress.
  7. Table runner for Mom-- Ordered Holly Taylor's Christmas Spirit charm pack this week, and got the pattern for the table runner last week, so maybe I can get started on this soon.
  8. Christmas pillow for my SIL-- No progress.
  9. Purse for my BFF-- No progress.
  10. My hourglass quilt-- Yeah, this will be a 2013 project. :)
  11. A Christmas quilt-- I did get the fabric for this, but not sure it will get sewn up for this Christmas.
A little bit demoralizing! But not finishing stuff like this doesn't bother me too much, because at the end of the day, this is a hobby for me. I'm sure my advisor, among others, would like if I were a little more deadline-oriented in other areas of my life, but for this, I think you have to know what is important and what is not!

Here's hoping life settles down slightly in the coming weeks! 

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