Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Goals

March goals? See: February's goals.

What can I say? Life happens. Machines break. People (or me) get lazy. I get sad at the beginning of every month and see everyone's self-bashing if they don't happen to get all of their quilting goals met. It's a hobby, let's treat it as such, right? No one went hungry because the Scrappy Trip Along didn't get a binding on it. ;)

I'll be traveling most of this month, so I don't expect to have any big finishes, but I may have a quilty field trip to post about at some point!

Boyfriend came to visit last week. The impressive facility you see behind us is where Cornell plays basketball. Not exactly a big-time basketball school. My mom is arriving to visit in a few hours!

Also, boyfriend made his inaugural trip to the fabric store. There is a small chain in his city that has a wide variety of Kona for a good price. To avoid shipping charges, I thought he might be able to handle picking up four yards of Ocean. I called the store, they cut it and set it aside, and he survived his first fabric mission with no complications or lasting scars. I'm very proud of him. ;) Pin It