Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Goals

March goals? See: February's goals.

What can I say? Life happens. Machines break. People (or me) get lazy. I get sad at the beginning of every month and see everyone's self-bashing if they don't happen to get all of their quilting goals met. It's a hobby, let's treat it as such, right? No one went hungry because the Scrappy Trip Along didn't get a binding on it. ;)

I'll be traveling most of this month, so I don't expect to have any big finishes, but I may have a quilty field trip to post about at some point!

Boyfriend came to visit last week. The impressive facility you see behind us is where Cornell plays basketball. Not exactly a big-time basketball school. My mom is arriving to visit in a few hours!

Also, boyfriend made his inaugural trip to the fabric store. There is a small chain in his city that has a wide variety of Kona for a good price. To avoid shipping charges, I thought he might be able to handle picking up four yards of Ocean. I called the store, they cut it and set it aside, and he survived his first fabric mission with no complications or lasting scars. I'm very proud of him. ;) Pin It


  1. I gave up all the self bashing, it was getting old and very repetitive ;-)

  2. You know you're absolutely right about the finish thing - good to remember it's a hobby! Cute pic BTW :)

  3. That's how my goals for the month are working, too. I figure I could stress out over it, and let myself fet incredibly anxious about quilting, but -- quilting is what I do to relax from school stress. I get done what I get done, I enjoy doing it, and if I set goals that are ambitious, well, they're not going anywhere: it's not like there's a ticking clock for getting done with my quilting.

    In a belated comment to your previous post: I'm still in coursework, but the un-ending pile of things to read is already daunting. I can understand how it piles up and seems impossible. And, yes, writing is the hardest part of writing. (I'm not procrastinating on a paper due on Friday. Not at all.)

    I hope your visit with your mom goes well, and she can fix your machine!

  4. Good reminder about goals. Especially since the deadlines are imposed by ourselves and other bloggers who are wonderful, I'm sure, but shouldn't take the place of our families and "real world" obligations.

  5. I can only say you are my hero for getting your to purchase fabric for a brick and mortar store! He obviously understands the importance of Kona in your life ;)