Monday, September 17, 2012

Paper Piecing? Moi?

This post is dedicated to Kristy, whose always-inspirational and always super cute paper pieced blocks made me think that it was something I might actually want to try some day. :)

I've been really afraid of paper piecing. It just looks complicated, you know? Stuff is backwards, upside down, inside out, and who knows what else. I'm not the most spatially aware person on the planet, so it seemed rather daunting to me. But the time to try it had finally come. I sensed that the time had arrived when Quilt Story featured a paper piecing tutorial using one of the prettiest blocks around. I had been kicking around an idea for a paper pieced mini in my head for some time, the only thing that remained was, well, learning to paper piece.

So I did.

Yup, that's it. I haven't even finished that block (I'm going to though, I promise.) I figured that was enough practice. An eighth of a block. I'm pretty much a pro now.

So I decided to make my own pattern, because why not? Oh, and I wanted to make a letter--a letter in which direction mattered (this is the logo for my alma mater and its associated sports teams, of which I am a fan.) If I was honest about how long I spent thinking about which way the pattern should face for the final block "N" to turn out correctly... well, I'd be embarrassed, and you'd be underwhelmed with my intellect. :)

The "N" stands for "'Nowledge"!

I couldn't really figure out how people knew what order things should be sewn in, though I knew it would be easier if I made sure that I wasn't running into situations where I needed multiple seams on a single piece of fabric. So I guessed and chopped it into five pieces because that was the only way I could think to make it work. And I forged ahead.

At this point, I was still pretty skeptical that this was going to resemble anything in a Latin-derived alphabet.

But yet again, I forged on, and before I knew it, it had come together pretty darn well! I was so proud of myself and sent numerous texts to my boyfriend detailing my incredible rise to genius and demanding validation of my brilliance. (Maybe the "N" stands for "needy.")

 I'm pretty excited about my new skill. I haven't fallen in love with it like many people have (at least not yet), but I do like that I'm not afraid to try it now. I'd really like to make another one of these for my mom and send it to her as a surprise. I'm planning to quilt it up and make it into a little door or wall hanging.

In a non-related note, a roving horde of seventeen wild turkeys rambled through my backyard last week. Seventeen! Doesn't that seem like a lot? I've never lived anywhere where turkeys are uncommon, and I don't think I've ever seen more than three or four at a time. I am suspicious of their motives, but I let my cat out to investigate, and his response was to try to eat one of my mums, so he must not have felt too threatened.

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  1. Clever you, that Nowledgable N looks great!

  2. Nice job on the paper piecing. I love paper piecing. Wow, what is up with those turkeys?

  3. So, the first block you sew you designed? You are crazy! It took me about a year to try my second pp block. I'm also not in "love" with the process but I do enjoy it for certain blocks. I'm currently designing my first block... :)

  4. Good for you! Your N is fabulous and your star block will be great.

  5. Woohoo! Well done for trying paper piecing - and for making your own block! Your "N" looks great!

    It's funny - I am terrible at spatial stuff (don't ever ask me to reverse parallel park!) so paper piecing definitely took me a bit to get my head around, but now it's (mostly) habit to know which way things go!

  6. That looks great! I'm with you on telling the other half all about what you've done and how amazing it is :P
    Also, wild turkeys?! Crazy! Not something we have in the UK.

  7. This is AWESOME! I can't believe this is the result of your first foray into paper piecing! I wouldn't dare do directional letters. You rocked it and the block looks amazing.

  8. Oh my, this is so fantabulous awesome amazing! I love it, so much!!!! Awesome job! Go Big Red!