Sunday, September 23, 2012

100 Day Hustle

I was so excited to see Kelsey's great idea to do a list party to spur one another on in our various projects through the end of the year! My list already existed in a Word document (along with a daily To Do list, and a dissertation To Do list, and a self improvement To Do list... what can I say, I like lists) so why not share it and get a little accountability, right?

Kelsey Sews

In rough order of priority:
  1. Red and white quilt for Grandma-- You haven't seen much of this one, and it started as sampler blocks in my first quilting class. Circumstances have compelled me to try and finish it.
  2. Gray and yellow wedding quilt-- Remember the friend who got married way back in July? I'm still working on her quilt. :) I finished the top this weekend though, so hooray!
  3. Charming Stars wedding quilt-- This one is for the friend who got married earlier this month. Someday, it would be cool to give someone a quilt at their actual wedding, but I'm not holding my breath. :)
  4. Nebraska wall hangings-- Trying to make one for my mother and for me. Conference play starts this week, so I should finish these sooner rather than later!
  5. Coasters for L-- I want to make a set of coasters out of the leftover Cool Britannia fabric I used for her purse. She just moved across the country to start a new job, so I want to send her something, because readjustment stinks.
  6. Placemats for other Grandma-- I'm excited about these. My grandma is only Swedish through marriage, but she can out-Swede many a Swede. When I saw Michael Miller's Wooden Horses fabric, I knew what I needed to do for a Christmas present.
  7. Table runner for Mom-- I'd like to make my mom a quilt someday, but that's just not realistic for this year. But I think I can maybe get her a Christmas table runner done. I'd like to use Holly Taylor's Christmas Spirit line. Not really my taste, but it is my mother's exactly!
  8. Christmas pillow for my SIL-- I love Joy, and think it would make a fun pillow. Just haven't decided what, exactly, that should look like yet! But Christmas is coming soon... yikes!
  9. Purse for my BFF-- I haven't started it yet, but saw some fabric that made me think of her and decided to make her a bag like these two.
  10. My hourglass quilt-- I have some Vintage Modern waiting patiently for me to finally make a quilt for myself! (I haven't kept one yet!) I'd really like to do an hourglass one like this.
  11. A Christmas quilt-- I really want to use Joy in a Christmas quilt. Realistically, all that will probably happen on this one for 2012 is to buy the fabric. :)

Just a few things on the list! I've got visitors for the first two weekends in October, then I'll be out of town the last weekend of October, the first weekend of November, and probably over Thanksgiving. I'm also considering moving at the end of December. And teaching a class and writing a dissertation in there too. So how much sewing will get done? We will see. :) Thanks for the motivation, Kelsey!

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  1. Good luck with all your hustling;) I am so happy I came over tovyr blog, because I was just looking for the charming stars pattern online yesterday and had forgotten the name. Think I'll make a Christmas tree skirt with that pattern and Joy fabric. So we have some similar tastes:)

  2. Lots of hustling at your place - happy sewing!

  3. Lots of things! Hope it goes well :) I love the Joy fabric range too.

  4. Ooh lots of projects coming up! Look forward to seeing what you get done! Yay for getting one of the wedding quilt tops done!!

  5. Sounds busy! Good luck with it. I'm hoping the hustle will keep me accountable too.

  6. Fantastic list, I'mmsure you can complete all you want.

  7. Lots of great projects!! Can't wait to see the red and white quilt - I love those! And the charming stars in green - awesome! Thanks for joining in :)

  8. So many good projects on your list! Good luck!