Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP: Backyard Baby Boy Blocks

I started sewing my blocks together for my "Backyard Baby" quilt! I really do love this fabric-- I think it's adorable. I'm using Amanda Jean's Filmstrip quilt, although my blocks are a little bit bigger.

This print is my favorite! I love the little jars.

This is the first time I've worked with directional fabric, and that's been interesting. It meant I had to do some very careful planning for how I was cutting out pieces (I drew it out on a piece of graph paper so I didn't get confused-- I think I ended up with about six square inches of scrap of each of my prints, so I cut it very, very close with my quarter yards!) It also means I have to pay attention when sewing, or this happens:


Nevertheless, the blocks are going well and quickly. It's a super-simple quilt to chain piece, and a pattern I'll likely use again.

Unrelated to sewing, but I had to cross an old stone bridge and walk past this on my way to campus yesterday. Pretty terrible, huh? :)

 Linking up with Freshly Pieced. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Those blocks look great: it showcases the fabric really well.

    And that is a gorgeous view on the way to campus. Lucky you!

  2. I like that center animal print with the snake.

    1. It's hard to choose a favorite! Great fabric.

  3. So sad for you, with that view on your way to campus. ;)

    I am loving your project! The simple blocks are really going to let that fabric shine.

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for filling in so that we could all link up. Looks like a huge response today!