Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good!

I'm back in New York! I'm so excited to have my rotary cutter and mat again. It was nice to do a few different projects and see that yes, Virginia, you can complete sewing projects with just scissors like generations before you... but boy is that little cutter handy!

Anyway, I'll be cutting lots of stuff over the next few days. I made a sewing "To Do" list today. It's strange--only a couple of months ago, I couldn't imagine ever having more than one project going at once and found it sort of amazing that people would talk of their double digit WIP piles... but I think I'm starting to get it.

So, soon I will have some pictures of actual projects, including *gasp* some quilts! Amazing, I know. But for now, I'll feature some of the various fabrics I picked up while I was away. I found a couple of fun stores in Grand Rapids (sightseeing fabric-geek style). Some are for specific projects, but most are just things I like. I know, the most dangerous kind of fabric shopping.

L to R: "Dress Up Days" (Riley Blake), "Stockholm" (Robert Kaufman), unknown blue stripe, "Happier" (Riley Blake), ditto, "Spring Fever" (Hoffman Fabrics), unknown green stripe, and "Architectural" (Free Spirit).

The green birds and pink stripe probably look familiar from the little bag I made a couple of weeks ago. They were just too cute, so I got a little more. I'm 27, so it's always baby season and I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to use them. I'm especially excited about the gray hexagons, a last minute addition to my friend's wedding quilt (more on that next week). Imagine my happiness when I got home and found her RSVP also featured gray hexagons! Too perfect.

I spent most of today settling back in. I also found out that I got a new office! For the past three years, I've had a basement office with no windows (has anyone seen my stapler?) But I've been promoted all the way down the hall, to an office with not one, but TWO windows! Oddly, it's also about 10 degrees cooler than my old office, which is great, since the building is 140 years old and has no air conditioning. Best of all, my office mate, who is awesome, is moving too. We never get any work done when we are there at the same time. Oh well. :)

Here is a selection of things I found in my new office:

A bossy chair.

A paint-by-number poster that was the result of a favorite department drinking game.

And my personal favorite, an "Insect Cage Gallery," complete with lights, sound effects, and "real action," whatever that means. 

Yes, it's pretty safe to say that I am definitely moving on up.

All in all, it's great to be back. I love this town in the summer, and I'm just in time for a big cool down (yay!) There will probably be some envy-inducing photos on this blog in the coming weeks, because I live in a pretty gorgeous place. :) Happy as I am to be back, I'm going to miss this guy though:

Who wouldn't?

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