Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Quilt: Lava Lovin'

Finished baby quilt 2 of 6 for this spring! This one was a bit of a handful, as it was my first time sewing curves!

 It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared, although the curved pieces are majorly prone to stretching, and I really warped a few of them (I used a pinless method--I'm a lazy quilter above all!) But it all came together really well in the end. After I completed the first block, I was really concerned about the color selection and it all just being too busy, but I think that all together, it works.

Hopefully it doesn't give the baby a seizure. I'd be the worst friend ever.

My friend is a very stylish interior designer, so I'm always very picky about selecting just the right fabrics and patterns for her (you can see the wedding quilt I made her here). I really love the backing fabric (Patty Young Retro Clover from Just My Type), and I think it works perfectly with this quilt.

I wish I'd quilted a line or two on the navy curves. But I was trying to finish it for the baby shower (didn't happen) and I never went back to add more quilting. Oh well. I used a disappearing pen to mark the center spirals and then FMQ'ed them. Spiral quilting is really cool, but I didn't love the idea of doing that much quilt turning with a walking foot!

This one has been delivered to the recipient, and just in time too! Baby is due on Tuesday, so hopefully this quilt will be put to use very, very soon! :)

Quilt Name: Lava Lovin' (the pattern reminds me of the blobs in a lava lamp!)
Pattern: Mod Pop by JuliePickles (great pattern, by the way--really clear and easy to follow)
Fabric: Pretty much everything in my stash that was green, orange, aqua, yellow, or navy
Size: 42" x 49"

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  1. I love it!!! I am actually in a lull in making baby quilts...but I'm anticipating a whole bunch of baby announcements soon to make up for it.

  2. This is stunning and I love the photoshoot pictures :)

  3. Wow I really love this! Great pattern and such fantastic colours!

  4. It's gorgeous, I am sure your stylish friend will love it!

  5. It looks great, there's lots of patters for the baby to take an interest in, there will always be something new for the baby to find.

  6. Love the quilt and love the location shot. I was just by there a few weeks ago!

  7. This is just lovely! I made this pattern in solids, and am always happy to see another version. Very nice!

  8. Oh wow I love this! Good job