Friday, November 1, 2013

A Cute and Quick Clutch

I whipped this up last night, ostensibly for part of my Halloween costume tonight (you can tell you're getting old when your Halloween parties are no longer on Halloween night, but instead on the closest weekend night), but I hoped it would be cute enough for future use, and it is!

The nails are for Halloween too, I don't usually go so overtly Cruella. :)

I used this tutorial and it was really quick and easy (took me about two hours, including cutting the pieces--but I'm not the fastest sewer in the land.) I was a little nervous about the zipper, since I only remember putting in zippers for garments in 4-H, and I recall them being hellacious experiences, but apparently, they're not too difficult in a clutch.

I used a teal linen from Joann's, and the lining was some "Notting Hill" by Joel Dewberry that I had on hand.

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  1. No one should write a blog post and not get any comments so I am leaving one :-)

  2. I love this little clutch! It is super cute with the bow front. It is definitely perfect for future use.

  3. Cute clutch, Catherine! I love the bow!

  4. I am a big fan of Notting Hill from Joel Dewberry - what a good choice :-) fabulous clutch.

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