Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday: May Flowers (sans Pilgrims)

Greetings all!

Things finally started to bloom here over the past weekend. Finally! It's so wonderful to see buds starting to open on trees--soon, there might be actual leaves! My family and friends in the midwest have had to wait extra long for spring this year, but this is pretty typical for central New York, sadly. But I guess it makes it all the sweeter when it finally does arrive! Snow is expected in Nebraska today or tomorrow, and I told my mom I'd only feel sorry for her if she got 4", because last April 26, that's how much I got here last year. She argues that the fact that it's May, even if it's only four days later, counts for at least a half-inch of pity per day. I'm not sold!

Anyway, it's lovely here. :) This week is supposed to be warm and sunny, so that ought to coax out the trees and flowers that are holding out.

Pictured: Not my house. (Former president's house at Cornell.)

Oh yeah, I finally got most of my quilt top put together! I think there are going to be some fancy borders on it though, and since I hate math, I've been avoiding it. :) I couldn't miss photographing something with the beautiful trees though!

I've realized that this month I really need to get some quilts put together, because it's so gorgeous here, and when I move at the end of the month, I'm going to lose all of those beautiful photo op spaces! Where I'm going, there are no waterfalls. :)

Happy May! I hope it's not snowing wherever you are! Linking up with WIP Wednesday. Pin It


  1. This is beautiful. I love the fabrics and I'm sure you will be able to figure out the boarders with no problems.

  2. I'm not sure which is more beautiful...your quilt or the trees! This year I'm loving reds and turquoise!

    Where in CNY are you? I'm between Binghamton and Oneonta.

    Here via WIP Wednesday.

  3. The quilt and the blossom look gorgeous!

  4. Love the quilt and it looks so pretty in the tree. Leaves are poking out here in NJ now, finally. Maybe one day it will be beach weather again.

  5. That quilt is really lovely! I love the colors you chose. :)

  6. Lovely quilt! Beautiful setting for it, I am jealous--I live in some dry mountains with no flowering trees!

  7. Wow, looks great! I laughed at your little comment that the house wasn't yours. I actually did wonder about that for a second!

  8. Beautiful quilt top! You found the perfect place to photograph it too! The weather has been cooler than usual here too (but still relatively warm LOL).

  9. Gorgeous quilt top and can't believe the move is coming round so soon! :)