Monday, August 13, 2012

Questions About Life, Where Life = Tying a Quilt

In my first mass appeal for help, I'm wondering about tying a quilt. I've never done it before, because as we all know, quilting adds a lot to a quilt top, and I think that there is also a perception that tying is a bit "elementary." I think on some quilts it could look ok though.

However, due to a number of circumstances, I am considering tying the quilt I'm trying to throw together this week. Here are the quick facts:

--It's a giant beach blanket. After its trip to the beach, it will probably go to tailgates during football season. Point being, this is not an heirloom quilt by any stretch of the imagination.

--It's just giant squares pieced together. Nothing special piecing-wise.

--I don't have access to a walking foot right now. I also don't have access to a very good place to baste. Still not sure what I'm going to do about that.

So, here are my questions:

1) Have you ever tied a quilt?

2) How did it go?

3) Is it more or less time-consuming than quilting?

4) Given some of the restrictions I'm up against (listed above), do you think this sounds like a good solution for this quilt?

Thanks everyone! I hope you had wonderful weekends! I sure did. I came to Michigan and my boyfriend and I went up north, and let me tell you, it is gorgeous up there! If you're within driving distance, it would be a lovely little short trip.

We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes and walked to the top. A long walk, but so worth it!

A gorgeous sunset on Lake Michigan.

We went kayaking on the Crystal River which was little, but so gorgeous and clear!

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  1. Perfect candidate for tying. :D I did a couple of quilts that way many years ago. It went fine and lasted for many, many washings. I remember it being less time-consuming than a comprehensive quilting job, but probably more so than a Red-Pepper type quilting job. (Just because it's all handwork.) Here's a good-looking tutorial:

  2. P.S. you could use any number of cool yarns, cheap yarn, perle cotton, or even thin ribbon (with that last, when I did it the effect was super-cool, but I did need to go through with normal thread and stitch/tie in each ribbon knot so it wouldn't untie itself)

  3. I have tied a few quilts and this one definitely seems like a good one to tie. Time-wise, it should take about the same or less time than machine quilting, I think. Just make sure you tie good, strong knots!

  4. I've never tied a quilt, but it sounds like it would be fitting for this type of quilt you are making!

    I have been to the Sleeping Bear sand dunes quite a few times (that hike up the dune can be rough!), I live just a couple hours south. Those beautiful pictures make me want to go back!

  5. I've never tied a quilt, but it does sound like it would fit this quilt well!

    Those are gorgeous photographs. Makes me wish I could pack up and just drive out for a week. :)

  6. I've tied quilts. I think people do sometimes look down on tying instead of quilting, but those people aren't on a beach or tailgating! And big squares is perfect for tying, the lack of fussiness in both is a great match.