Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where I Sew

I know, I know... you were just dying to find out, weren't you? ;)

Like many of us, I don't have a special little room to use solely for my sewing supplies. I think that's a good fit for me, because I think if things were tucked too far away I'd sew a lot less. But unlike many bloggers, I live alone, which means I can sort of let things take up as much space as I want without having to clear the table for dinner. Hey, I'll enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Helper kitty will be joining us on this tour.

Here it is in all its glory! My dining room/sewing room. If I'm sewing during the day (rare, unfortunately), I have abundant natural light. At night, my apartment has the typical lighting of apartments, which is to say that there is more light in some deep sea vents. But I make do.

See where my cutting mat is off to the left? That's an amazing new discovery. No, of course I realized that I always had a counter there. But I didn't realize initially that it's the perfect height for cutting, and I cut out my first quilt on my table, which was very painful and annoying. But now... I'm really going to miss that wide, perfectly positioned counter whenever I move! 

I move my ironing board to the position you see above whenever I sew. The rest of the time, I leave it set up in front of the window as a "vertical enrichment" tool for my large and lazy feline. Believe it or not, that's actually what I bought the ironing board for before I started sewing. :)

Bingley sees no reason the board should ever be used for any other purpose.

 A closer look at my machine. My table offers a fair amount of space, even though it's not the hugest dining table in the world.

I love my 1950s advertisements. These are all from old calendars that I've acquired over the past five or six years. The one below is probably my favorite, and hangs above the cutting area/kitchen counter.

Dude had it rough.

And here is my machine, Peggy. This is Peggy's last quilt. :( The next time I am sewing in this space (I'm currently visiting family and friends in Nebraska), I will have the new machine my mom found for me on craigslist, a Bernina 930. I'm sure there will be a post on that when the time comes! But for now, this is Peggy, a 1969 Singer with some flaws and foibles, but who valiantly led me in my return to stitchery. 

'Atta girl, Pegs.

The view from my sewing machine, where I watch way too much House Hunters.

I've included the following photo just for Bethany and Jenn, as we are having an informal "grossest ironing board cover" contest. Feel free to join us in confessing your ironing board shame. :)

Also pictured: starving cat.

Wanna see my fabric? I love how it looks, all in mini bolts like this. You can see I haven't entirely gotten the hang of it and some of them are a little taller than others. Oh well. I still like that I can see everything at once and how beautiful they all look standing together! I have mostly small yardage--a lot of fat quarters, in fact.

Usually, I have this facing the other way to minimize sun exposure from the adjacent window.

My pretties.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! It's not fancy, but it works out really well for me! I'm linking this with Pink Chalk Studio's "Where I Sew" gallery. Head over there and drool at some really neat spaces!

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  1. "No, of course I realized that I always had a counter there"
    You make me laugh! Love, love, love the fabric storage (about to hopefully achieve something similar myself after a trip to Ikea today) and also love that your cat is called Bingley - after Pride and Prejudice?

  2. Your set-up is great! And I love the vertical enrichment tool. :) Oh, the things we do for our cats.

  3. When I lived alone and was able to spread out like that, it was a heavenly version of hoarders, house hunters on blast 24/7. :)

    The next time I need to do a lot of cutting (ugh, hello Luigi block) I'll be at the counter upstairs - or maybe I could put some cinder blocks under my cutting table?, that would be so ghettofabulous. Get ready pinterest.. next big thing.

    Photo of dude with "particular wife" = hilarious! I should probably work on being more particular.

    I'm so jealous you are getting a Bernina, you MUST do a post on it. Lots of pictures. I'll try not to drool.. !!

    Okay, my shame (ie ironing board) is about to retire - I've been googling tutorials on big DIY ironing boards, I gotta do it! I need the double wide! Thanks for the shout out!

    Your mini-bolts are so cute! It's like a corner out of a miniature quilt shop!

    Great tour! I really love your space. :)

  4. Check out those extra big pin cushions! I need to do something nice with my fabric once we get a bigger space but most of it is less than 1/2 yard cuts. Thinking will be required. And I've voted, my ironing board is the worst! :)

  5. You are so going to love your Bernina! I still sew on my 1530 that I bought 20 years ago and it runs great. What are you getting your Ph.D in ? Love your kitty helper, I have one too :)

  6. I guess I'm lucky I don't live by myself because my apartment would look nothing like yours :) It would be a lot messier with about 100x more fabrics :))) Seriously.... I love your space! Don't know if you have a window across the cutting table, or that's a sliding door, but I like it a lot. And the ironing board is in the perrrfect spot for your kitty! Ours love to be in the window looking outside to the street. They're still young so moving around a lot. Whenever we move, they move. When I sit in front of the computer they could sleep for hours, but as soon as I stand up, they're behind me :D
    I so envy you for the "not the hugest" sewing table. Mine is half a size of yours :) My room wouldn't fit a larger one, so that's fine for now.
    Gotta love House Hunters! Do you ever watch Storage Wars? I have that show on whenever they play it on A&E.
    Your huge pin cushions look so lovely, the colors are great! And the fabric shelf is really adorable!
    Can't wait to see what your new sewing machine will look like! I have 2 singers and really like them. I've tried some other brands at a show I went to in May, but I really like my machines' stitches better to be honest.
    I guess I'll have to get over myself and clean up my room to take some photos. I really like that you shared yours, it's inspiring to see where people create! I almost wish I lived by myself! Almost... :)

  7. I love your sewing space. I finally have a big space for my sewing and the ping pong table is used for cutting. No on ever plays ping pong because of me!
    I love your blog and that is why I gave you the "One Lovely Blog Award." Stop by and "grab" it for your blog!

  8. Your sewing space looks great and your cat helper is very cute :)