Hi! This is me.

I have a wonderful, amazing husband who is sooooooo amazing and four incredible kiddos who are, well, just incredible! We have a golden retriever and a nice house in a subdivision in a mid-sized city!

Just kidding. It seems to be the thing to put in an "About Me" on a quilting blog though, so I thought I'd throw it out there. :)

In reality, I'm 27 years old and a PhD student at Cornell University. That means that this blog will not have the bonus of cute children helping hold my quilts or anecdotes about what they say. It might, however, have a few photos of this guy, who is pretty inarticulate, but also darn cute:

I know. A single, female grad student with a cat. I'm blazing trails here.

I'm new to quilting, but not new to sewing. I'm also new to not having a completely antagonistic relationship with sewing. My mother, a home economics teacher, found it absolutely necessary for me to learn how to sew clothing, and every summer I was forced (often literally kicking and screaming) to complete a sewing project for 4-H. The sewing wars were legendary. (My poor mother.) She had a long list of skills I had to learn: zippers, set-in sleeves, darts, synthetic fabrics... it went on and on, summer after summer, and I hated them all, with the fiery passion and well-reasoned arguments of any teenage girl.

I can't remember what prompted me to start thinking about quilting as something I wanted to try in late 2011. Honestly, in a triumph of marketing, it might have been a commercial for the local fabric store. But something made me start seriously considering making a quilt. My mother, unfailing optimist that she is, had sent me across the country to grad school with my grandma's old Singer, so all I needed was some fabric and know-how. Like a true child of my generation, my first inclination was to Google "beginning quilting" and I went from there. I also took a class at that well-advertised quilt shop, and now, months later, here I am starting a quilt blog.

One of my foremost skills in life is procrastinating and not working on my dissertation, and quilting and quilt blogs have proven to be wonderful assets in that toolbox. Additionally, I like having something creative to work on. Since at least half of my job description involves original research and writing, I guess I'm always being somewhat creative, but it is nice to be creative in a way that doesn't involve footnotes. Or words. (Good thing I started a blog then, huh? If I start using footnotes, send me an angry e-mail.) Anyway, I've enjoyed it in the short amount of time that I've been doing it. The world probably doesn't need another quilting blogger, but it will be a good record for me at the very least. At the very most, I think something as visual as quilting can never have too many bits of inspiration out there floating around for people to find, and I love looking at other people's quilts, so maybe it works the other way too.

All I know is that somewhere in Nebraska, my mother is laughing with the glee of sweet, sweet vindication. 

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  1. Hmm, now I feel like I need to change my About section and not talk about my kids. Eep. I guess at this stage in my life it's tough not to talk about them since they have full ownership of all my time during their waking hours. Sewing happens when they are sleeping. If I'm not sleeping, too. Or if I'm not on the internet reading "About" sections of quilting blogs instead.

  2. Yay fellow grad student who procrastinates with fabric! What's your PhD in?

  3. I went to Cornell for undergrad, Class of 09, (probably the only undergrad quilter who was quilting on campus). I miss Ithaca, and its fabric store, I stop by whenever I'm back. I didn't blog back then though.

  4. too stinking cute... I love your gray and yellow quilt on A Quilt Story blog.

  5. I love your about me! At the first paragraph I confess I was disappointed - just another too perfect blogger - but after that I laughed all the way through :)